Joseph Mansfield    August 2005




1983 to present:  Self employed as a computer programmer.  During this time I developed and marketed the “Jobber Management Series”, a full-featured turnkey application for petroleum jobbers.  I handled sales, installations, training, and support, as well as writing the application in 80x86 assembler and Pascal.  I developed my own DBMS integral with the Series, and an exceptionally user-friendly front end.  I created my own development environment.  I built a maintenance system that monitored and upgraded customer sites, running unattended.  So far as I have been able to determine, I was the first vendor in the US to produce this kind of application using a PC platform, and the only person to write the application single-handed.  I chartered my own corporation, wrote my own contracts, and kept my own books.  I continue to support a few customers using the Series.


Additionally, I have engaged in teaching, consultation, and custom programming for a variety of clients, including insurers, doctors, lawyers, engineers, churches, and civil government.  Areas of consultation have included general business and software law as well as computer matters.


1976:  Used “Statistical Package for the Social Sciences” running on HP 3000 for research.


1969:  Analyst, 9th Logistics Command, USARSUPTHAI, Thailand.  Using Univac 1005 system, developed logistics management information systems.  Wrote an RPG-like compiler and an improved assembler for the 1005.  Supervised two programmers.


1968:  Student assistant, US Army Signal School, Ft Monmouth.  Worked on the design and construction of a training computer; co-authored a textbook for use in the school.


1966,7:  Programmer, Spartans Industries, Sparta, TN.  Used IBM 1401 system with Autocoder, developed billing and inventory control applications.  Developed IBM 407 programs.


1965:  Programmed IBM 1620 avocationally, in machine language.




1977:  M.Ed., counseling, UT Chattanooga.  Concentration in statistics and research design.  GPA 4.000.  Tapped by Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society.


1974:  B.A., psychology, UT Chattanooga.  Concentration in abnormal psychology and use of nonprojective psychometric instruments.  GRE 780/780.  Other undergraduate work at the University of the South, University of Maryland, and Tennessee Tech.


1968:  Valedictorian (class of 191) at Army Signal School, Ft Monmouth, in computer repair (NCR 500, nine-month course).  Tapped by Armed Forces Communcations and Electronics Association, a professional society.


1964:  Diploma, St Andrew’s School, St Andrews, TN.


Self-taught in programming and languages.


Languages:  Native language, English.  Intermediate ability, Spanish.  Reading ability, Latin.


Personal:  Born 1946, Chattanooga.  US citizen.


Non-computer related experience


1981-83:  Counselor,Anneewakee Foundation, Carrabelle, Florida.  Conducted group and individual therapy with patient population of teenage boys in residential facility.


1977-81:  Senior caseworker, Fulton County Department of Family and Children Services, Atlanta.  Made determinations of grant eligibility, made service referrals.


1970-74:  Field coordinator, Sequatchie Valley Economic Authority, Dunlap, TN, an OEO grantee agency.  Supervised a manpower-training program.  Served as equal opportunity officer.  Wrote program proposals for funding; held state office in professional organization.


Past offices


Chairman, Chattanooga Theatre Organ Society, during period of rebuilding the organ.


Chairman, Sequatchie County “Chemical People”, Dunlap.


President, Dunlap Jaycees.  Blue-chipped two consecutive years, wrote newspaper column.


Vice president, Regional Child Development Project, Pikeville, TN.


Vice president, Tennessee Association of Equal Opportunity Officers, Nashville.


Other activities


Organist (and * Choirmaster) at:


*St Mary’s Church, Duncan, AZ;

*Sts Peter and Paul Church, Chattanooga, TN

*Christ Church, South Pittsburg, TN;

 Christ Church, Chattanooga, TN;

 Friendship Chapel (military), Korat,,Thailand;

 St James’ Church, Eatontown, NJ

 St James’ Church, Long Branch, NJ;

 St Paul’s Church, Sewanee, TN;

 St Andrew’s School, St Andrews, TN.


Sometime candidate for city commission, Dunlap, TN.


Well-read in liturgy and liturgical music.