Pepe's mare
Joseph Mansfield

Pepe Pascual passed away a little while back. He was 81 years old.

Pepe lived in the Barrio San Antonio. Like many others in that neighborhood, Pepe kept a few horses to ride. These are not, mind, wealthy people. They are just working folk who love horses.

On the day of the funeral, Pepe's riding pals, with their mounts, gathered at the barrio chapel. A couple of them had gone by Pepe's place and picked up Raya, his personal mare, to be led, riderless, in the procession from chapel to graveyard. One of the men, Pablo Saenz, volunteered to stay outside the chapel and watch the horses.

The mass began ... lessons … offertory … sanctus ...

When the priest elevated the Host, Raya whinnied. The cry was clearly audible in the chapel.

When the priest elevated the Chalice, Raya whinnied again.

These two whinnies were the only sounds made by any horse during the mass.

Pablo Saenz verified all this.

Only in México.

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