Here are some links to pictures of the area where I live.


The internet has thousands of pictures of pots and ruins in this area, but I have found very few pictures of the village of Casas Grandes itself.  Such as I have found are listed here.


In this link the church tower is a block north of my house, the "yellow front" building a block south. The other scenes are within half a mile or so.


Paquime ruins, half a mile southwest.


The bed and breakfast is in sight of the ruins.


Mata Ortiz is about 11 miles west of here, where you can buy these nice pots in the range of $500.00 to $2500.00 each.


The church seen beyond a plaza.


The city's coat of arms.  Notice the date; that's when the spanish came.  But there had been a town of one sort or another here since about the year 700.,RNWE:2004-51,RNWE:en%26sa%3DN%26as_qdr%3Dall