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2013    Keeping time
2011    The other Billy
2011    Salad
2010    Surveying
2009    Jones Observatory
2008    Fathers and brothers
2008    The Thursday Porch
2007    Bookkeeping
2007    Bus ride
2006    A un amigo sacerdotal
2006    The baroque organs of Oaxaca (local copy)
2006    The baroque organs of Oaxaca (published)
2006    Letters to grandboys
2006    Missarum sollemnia (local copy)
2006    Missarum sollemnia (published)
2006    Newman, forty years after Vatican II (local copy)
2006    Newman, forty years after Vatican II (published)
2006    Victrola
2005    An ancient letter
2005    Chalito bordado
2005    Christmas rush
2005    The line between good and evil
2005    Quod erat demonstrandum
2005    The Trion adventure
2004    El camino a México
2004    Music at St Mary's Mission (local copy)
2004    Music at St Mary’s Mission (published)
2004    La música en la Misión de Santa María
2002    Burning
2002    My political career
2002    Spanking
2000    Harry Clack
1992    Grundy county courthouse
1991    Capture of the data stalker
1990    The dream of the hospital
1985    Faith and morals
            An autobiographical note
            My Facebook entry
            Second hand

Here are some links to photos of my village and surrounding area.

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